Youth Diocesan Information


The importance of retreats can be seen in the life of any spiritual person and we believe it's especially important for teens to get away from their super-scheduled lives. Retreats provide the necessary time and space to spend quality time with God, sacred scripture and community. Our Diocese offers opportunities for overnight retreats throughout the year for middle and high school students.  Note, too, that if your parish offers youth retreats and would like another set of helping hands, we'd love to provide resources and help host your retreat. Do not hesitate to contact us! 



We provide programs for youth who are currently in grades 6-12.  If your group has members who are younger, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss their possible involvement. Some programs are specific to certain groups. 



It is our goal that no child, youth, college student, or young adult miss an event because of financial reasons. We offer scholarship assistance for all of our programs.  For events the diocese covers 1/3, your church covers 1/3 and you pay 1/3.  But if further assistance is needed, please email us at